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Imagine meeting a potter. They go to all lengths possible to get their hands on the finest varieties of clay, as they have their mind all set for an excellent quality end product

Facebook’s Creator App - How The Digital Markets Are Focusing On Video Content

Consider waiting at the airport with time to kill, what would you do? Most of us will hop on to social media – because if we don’t want to share, we definitely have a lot to scroll. Social media is one of the best places for entertainment & time kill, guaranteeing content that will keep you hooked. 
Day in and day out

Why Startups Should Outsource Their Branding, Digital Marketing and PR

When people start out with their business idea, certain things are the priority, certain things are important and certain things are stacked out for some time later. In this mix of priorities and ‘to do later’, Digital Marketing Services often take a back seat. Sometimes Startups underestimate the power of Digital marketing and the e

Tweeting your way to the Ballot Box - Political moves & Social Media

"Ache Din Aane Wale Hai" is undoubtedly the most retweeted tweet in Indian history. It would be a surprise if you did not know who made that tweet and when?! 

Mr. Narendra Modi tweeted these words when it was declared that he had won the election and was the declared winner for the position of the Prime Minister of India

Social Media Marketing Strategies For Small Business

One of the quintessential aspects for a business is a breakthrough product – the one that looks good, feels good and generates a need in the audience. But sometimes brands fail to catapult the product deep in to the mind and lives of their consumers simply because they couldn’t reach the right audience at the right time. Though this

How Social Media Marketing Helps Your Business Grow

It’s only crazy how social media has made way in to our everyday lives, to the extent that we wonder how things gained popularity or went ‘viral’ before its existence. Its ability to reach multi-dimensional audience, across layers of demography, is the essence of what makes it Business owners’ favorite tool in modern time

Here’s what Social Media Giants have to predict about Facebook!

“Don’t underestimate the power of a common man!’


No, you haven’t reached a Bollywood blog, but we are trying to speak greatly about the common man’s Social Media power – That of Facebook! Almost everyone, everywhere is on this titan of a social media’s site, be