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We are here to create better avenues of propagating your agenda as well as explaining benefits to the probable consumer, thus enriching bonds and catalyzing sales.

Ecommerce solutions in raipur chhattisgarh


Need an online store that not just has great products, but is also easy to find and navigate to? Reach out to Flair Social! We custom build a website or a webstore that has:-

  • Completely customizable template, suitable as per your liking
  • Net and elaborate product listings and descriptions, giving a clear understanding of what     the product is.
  • Convenient site options and navigation, making user interface absolutely smooth.
  • Easy management of stock and orders, tracking and communication of the same.
  • Forms for Notifications by email or SMS, Subscriptions to the site, directly feeding the     information to our databases.
  • Shopping Carts with features that allow editing of the shopping cart.
  • Automated order processing of payments and associated gateway, keeping track of     denials and reversals.
    All we need is an idea, and what you get is a fully functional, smooth running website, truly!

Enquiry cart

CMS (Content Management System): We develop interfaces that make it easy to manage your large list of contacts, all under one roof. Being popular as a business entity has its sides of having a never-ending data list, and to make matters worse, all of it comes to you in a jumbled form.
We at flair social ensure that:

  • All info related to your customers and vendors is recorded in detailed
  • The recording is done in a preset database stricture, where we attain uniformity of entries
  • Easy to track and communicate with one or more clients or customers from the database
  • Liberty to edit, delete or modify any entry within the database
  • Options to export or download the database for tracking growth and sales
    Management of all your contacts never got easier!!
Ecommerce website builder
Ecommerce solution provider in raipur

Bulk sms

Marketing of a great product cannot involve just a ‘one-solution-fits-all’ kind of a strategy. Some solutions require guerilla marketing, while some need a gradual introduction, whereas some information needs to be passed on like there’s a fire in the house!

  • For the ‘fire-in-the-house’ kind, bulk SMS seems to be the best option. A cost-effective option that reaches massive numbers in a matter of minutes, and also gains a higher probability of being viewed or ‘clicked’ upon, that’s the Bulk SMS feature for you. Sending the right message in a minimal number of words is our strategy!

We help your business grow and succeed online

If there’s anything related to social media, Flair Social is doing it. Take a cup of coffee and devise your idea – let Flair Social sell it on Social Media.

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Advertising is a phenomenon, something we don’t need an introduction to. If a brand needs to have a newer addition to its customer base, advertising is the key to your product’s awareness.

  • For ages advertisements have been used, they just evolve based on their medium. From call outs to billboards, posters, newspapers, radio and then TV and now the massive medium of the Internet!
  • Flair social boasts of an expertise in areas of web designing, e-commerce sites, we hosting for your domain and the like. We undertake advertisement projects for banners, pamphlets, brochures, posters and so on. We also design excellent social media advertisements which are not just appealing and click magnets, but also Search Engine optimized to get you the right kind of clicks.


Rely on Flair Social to make your product stand atop the rest, to stand out of the crowd or at least wear the brightest of colours to be visibly different. Rely on us for branding your product and create an awareness of what makes you better than the rest, better than the best! Let your uniqueness become your Unique Selling Point and reach customers for a delighted experience.

  • What makes your product stand out from its kind?
  • Why do the right marketing and advertising seem to not work wonders sometimes?
  • The reason is the absence of branding.
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