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Mar 2018

The Real Power Of Social Media

“Thank you for everything. My last ask is the same as my first. I'm asking you to believe—not in my ability to create change, but in yours!”

To say that this tweet by Barack Obama, tweeted on the 10th of January in 2017 has been retweeted 870k times (Talk about getting viral, and how!) and it wouldn’t be surprising! Just 180 characters or even less can put an impact on a mass audience, can help them relate to it and make them share it further because they like what you said – That is the true power of Social Media.

One single tweet reached over 870k people who use the platform – so needless to say how far it must have traveled, given that maybe some viewers took a screenshot and shared it on other platforms, while some copied and shared it, or even simply read it to their friends. And, this is not even the most retweeted tweet – one of the popular ones though.

In our blog today, we would make an attempt to touch the depths of how powerful social media is and how it can completely transform what your business looks and feels like.

As per Adroit Digital, the purchase decision of about 75% of Americans was affected by the product information found on Social media. The information could successfully draw more attention and influence their purchase decision positively.

33% of consumers are sourced from Social Media where they discovered the brand through the platform (eMarketer)

92% of all marketers agree that investing in social media endeavors gave a great boost to their business and led to more discoverability of their brands.


Social Media Marketing Can Answer Several Questions for you


1. What kind of an audience seems to reach your brand?

2. What are their expectations?

3. When they discover your brand, how does their behavior get affected? Are there more views, or more likes and reactions?

4. What kind of ads or products work and which ones don’t?

5. Getting an insight into these questions can help you work on your brand and your product accordingly.


Social Media Can Change how Brands interact with their audience:


With the way the ads and posts of the brand perform on social media and how responsive brand representatives are to their client’s messages, social media can deeply impact how customers interact and respond to a brand and vice versa.

Frequent and considerate responses can help the brands seek patrons and loyal clients that connect with them and would verbally recommend the brand to their friends and social circles.

Social Media Marketing does require a certain level of strategy. It helps to have your social media marketing managed by a team of professionals who know the tricks of the trade because getting engagement on your personal profile and getting engagement on your brand page are absolutely different things. For further assistance on Social Media Marketing, contact Flair Social at 07714904355.

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