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Mar 2018

5 Reasons Why Your Website Should Have A Blog

It isn’t surprising how every business website you visit has a blog about it. Somedays it may seem absolutely irrelevant for a certain industry brand to have a blog but having a blog for your own website has its up. In today’s blog, we share some of the plus sides to having a blog for your website and how it helps your business. It makes your site more SEO Friendly.

Everyone knows that the more SEO friendly your site is, higher is the probability of it popping up in search results. By using blogs that are optimized for your website’s keywords, you make your site more search engine ready. It basically works as fuel for your site’s SEO. You can include more long-tailed keywords and it helps you gain more out of your business efforts as a whole.


1. More blogs, More pages, Better ranks


The more blogs you publish, the more pages you have, and the more pages you have, the more SEO friendly your site is. Blogs eventually make your site have a better chance of ranking in search results and being more discoverable.


2. Drawing audience


If the audience likes what you blog about, they are more likely to explore your site and stumble upon your business and line of products. In fact, they can even share the blog you posted which can have a fresh stream of audiences reaching your site, and have the same effect on being discovered by more people eventually. According to a Hubspot survey, 60% of businesses who blog, acquire more customers.


3. It enhances your social media reach


Brewing and sharing fresh content helps you to reach more audience on social media platforms as these can be shared easily. These blogs work as a persona and a voice to your company and help the audience connect and engage with you better. Plus, if they connect with your blog, there are better chances of them becoming the patrons of your business. Such patrons help you spread the word about your business and products, where these recommendations help potential leads to convert into sales automatically.


4. Build more SERPs


Blogs give you the opportunity to build more internal links within your blog content. This helps your site by crawling in search engines and enhances the visibility of your pages. Use links within your blog anchored on to specific keywords, which will help your site rank and reach the audience better.


It helps to have the professional content writer to build content for your site. The content should not just be SEO friendly, but also, must be catchy and interesting to read. You can share your brand’s story, the story behind the products, their utility and how it fits the probable consumer’s life. Your content and blog is one of the most efficient investments in terms of your content marketing endeavors and is highly recommended by all social media strategists and digital media gurus.

So do you have your blog for your business built yet? Contact Flair Social on 07714904355 for further assistance and have an interesting stream of blogs built specifically for your business and audience type.

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