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Feb 2018

How To Socialize Your Blog For Maximum Effect

Grammar? – Check!

SEO? – Check!

Plagiarism Score? – Check!

Go ahead and hit publish … and your new blog masterpiece is absolutely ready, isn’t it?

Yes, it is! But there’s more to publishing a blog … exactly – the traffic! Though appeasing the search engine Gods is definitely one of the foremost things to do, but socializing your blog on social media is equally important. How to do that?? Let’s read more about socializing your posts for maximum effect.


Choose the most appropriate Platform for your content and audience type


One of the mistakes we do is that we focus on just one or two platforms. It does make sense to understand which social media platform works the best for you. For someone who manages a tech or political niche, Twitter is the platform they should focus most on. For the parenting niche, Pinterest and Facebook are far more receptive whereas for fashion and other such niches that need more ‘visuals’, Instagram is the right one.

If you take a look at the breakup of your traffic source on your website, you would be able to identify which of the platforms gain most traction for your website. That should help you realize which one to focus the most on.


So should you only focus on one platform?


This does not mean that other platforms should be ignored. It is beneficial to share and organically engage with your audience on all of the other platforms your find suitable, but focus primarily on one of them first!


So we make one post, and share it on all platforms?


The posts you make on a particular social media platform have to be as per the platform’s format and audience type. If you wish to share an image on Instagram, it is best suited to use a 1:1 aspect ratio image, whereas sharing a longer, pin-able image on Pinterest with an aspect ratio of 2:3 can get you better clicks. On the other hand, if you want to make better friends and followers on FB, using a video has a better chance of getting you clicks than a still image.


How much time should you spend promoting your post?


They say if you spend 1 day a week writing your posts, you should spend 5 days to promote it. (Take the 7th day off, don’t be a workaholic!) It wouldn’t be inappropriate to spend more time promoting your post than you actually took to write that down.


Keep a close eye on the competitors 


Keep a tab on where your competitors are and what does their social media strategy look like? What kind of platforms do they use and how are they using it. That should also give you a fair idea of how to move along with promoting your blogs and maximizing their effect.

It is important to know that this post does not present the entire social media strategy for your blog or niche. Social Media can be useful for engaging readers, drawing more clicks to reach the website, building your profile, sharing more about you to your fans or readers, and even present better networking opportunities. In this blog, we have mentioned more about how to promote your blog post better and gain maximum effect.

So what is your favourite social media platform? Let us know in the comments section below.

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