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Feb 2018

5 Social Media Tactics To Socialize Your Business

Being Social has always been the best way for business owners to connect with their audience. It always helped a salesperson to generate and convert more leads if they were more friendly and popular. Cut to modern times and somewhat, the same rules apply! Hop on to social media and the same tactics of ‘getting social’ apply to your business. Using these tactics in the right manner, still fetch you great results – the only difference being that your audience meets you through a window in your browser, instead of the markets.

Today, let us run you through 5 simple tactics that help you socialize your business and make more out of your marketing and sales efforts:


1. Plan & Strategize


Even when we call it ‘social media’, it still makes sense to strategize your plans. It isn’t really as simple as getting out of your room and beginning to talk. Even if you post on your personal profile every day, and you get great responses, still it is different to connect with your customers and clients.


2. Look for the right thing at the right place


All kind of social media platforms can fetch you engagement and customers. The planning of your posts and the response of the audience quite depends on the kind of product you have. For example, for Instagram, a more visual post would do, whereas for Facebook a more interactive post would do.


3. Respond to Customers


If you notice, most client pages on Facebook now show “responds within” timelines. Try to keep that to “immediate” by responding to your clients as soon as possible. In the world where food is served in 30 minutes, and karma is served in even less time than that, we definitely don’t want our customers waiting for a response.


4. Be You! 


By “Be You”, we mean that every individual is unique and has their own skills and their own touch to things. Use that to your benefit and design posts that resonate with you, and the thought stream behind your business.


5. Stir it, and Shake it too!!


Take your content, twirl it, rock it and shake it before you present it to your audience. Content is king, we can never stop emphasizing on that. So the content that you present to your audience should have a twist to what is normally presented to them. Your content should be well thought of, written out of the box. Mix and match your strategies and posts presenting a flavorsome potpourri to your audience. If they like what they see, they’ll stay!

Social media is not rocket science, but it’s not ‘halwa poori’ either. Knowing some of the basic strategies can give an immense boost to how your social media visitors react to your posts and your content. It always helps to seek help from a professional who already has these tricks up their sleeve. To know more about our packages and how to get more out of your social media marketing endeavors, get in touch with us at 07714904355.

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