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Dec 2017

How Chatbots Can Boost Your Facebook Page Engagements?

Earlier this year, Facebook rolled out the Messenger platform for businesses. It helped businesses connect real time with their audience without having to move to a different platform for interaction. It is believed that FB messenger has about 900 million ‘active’ users worldwide!! Not just registered ones, or one that has occasionally used the feature – But active ones!! (As per an article published by Fortune.com)

This meant that businesses can now include chatbots and customize their user experience furthermore, using tools of Facebook. That’s when the chatbots as a term gained all the more popular.

What is a Chatbot?

Ideally, any software that automates a task is known as a bot. using the tools available with Facebook, now any business can create their own bot. Facebook permits businesses to use the “Wit.ai Bot Engine”. Any information exchanged in a chat session with the chatbot can convert conversations into data that can be analyzed at a later stage by the business. The bot does an excellent task at initiating the conversation, to say the least.

How Can Chatbots help to Boost your Facebook page engagements?

With chatbots that can be made without much skill in coding and programming, it is becoming easier for businesses to provide a more personal experience to their clients. Chatbots allow a window for the clients to communicate to a virtual representative. Clients may take these to be individuals, whereas these are but bots, however, providing basic answers to information seekers.

There are certain benefits of having Bots:

  • Constant availability of the chatbot for customers.
  • Initial conversation is managed without intervention from a sales representative
  • 24 X 7 assistance
  • Collection of Data based on the conversation between the chatbot and the customer
  • The ease of usage – feels like a regular chat with a representative

The client prefers coming back to the brand’s page time and again. The simple reason being that whenever the clients have a question, they can quickly touch base with the brand’s page. At the brand’s messenger or “message now” redirect, they find their answers, at least on a preliminary basis. The clients tend to happen to wait less in order to make their decision about the product.

Some Popular Examples with Chatbots

From small enterprises to really popular ones, from an online shoe store to customized jewellery – there’s no limiting to what skills chatbots are getting equipped with, by the day. Some brands benefited enormously from what Chatbots had to offer. Some of those popular ones are:

1. Transport for London

Tfl aka Transport for London is one of the best-known examples where Chatbots have helped audiences at large. Need to know which bus route to take? Need to know what routes the tube train would take? Need to know if there is a delay in a service? Ping the chatbot and get all your answers. The chatbot is updated with all latest info on how the trains, buses and other transportation services are running, making it easy for users to make better-informed choices.


2. Pizza Express

From making a quick order for your pizza using the ‘usual preferences’, or even booking a table at the restaurant in less than 60 seconds - Pizza Express Chatbots are at it. Talk about ease of usage and customer satisfaction and these bots have it served to you, hot as a pizza!


3. Mitsuku

The Mitsuku bot is a two-time Loebner Prize winner, and rightly so. It is known to be one of the most Human-Like chatbots around for quite some time. Mitsuku is also available on the Kik Messenger.

This chatbot can be your ‘virtual friend’ that can answer questions, play games and even play a trick or two. It is most human-like for the feature of being able to reason to some extent, offering logical reasoning to users!

Having a chatbot for your brand is definitely a positive. Whether having a separate profile for the bot or integrating it in your messenger, either way, a chatbot is an assurance that a customer with a query would not walk back empty handed.

Have you put a chatbot in place for your official brand page? Get in touch with us for more details on how to have a chatbot and getting one for your brand.

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