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Dec 2017

Making better FB Ads in 2018

Facebook is a platform that has grown by leaps and bounds. FB is not just a place to share updates about your life – it is also one of the most influential places for placing ads. The wide usage of the platform makes it the best place to fish for your target audience and present to them the best of what you have.

Placing ads is just one of the ways of reaching out to your clients, but it is crucial to know how to place your ads so you get more out of the effort.

So, what should your FB Ad be like?

Fb Ads appear while you are scrolling your feed. So the ad has to be compelling enough to make the reader stop and look at it. The ads must be:

-              Compelling

-              Clickable

-              Consist of more information in fewer words

-              Brightly and beautiful images/graphics

-              Relatable and understandable

-              Appropriately placed on the right panel, in the news feed or in the mobile feed, as per the product and target audience.

Simple details in an ad can take your success to new heights, given that you’ve considered them well enough.

Things to Remember when Running a Facebook Ad

Take a compelling image and run it as an ad… et Voila! You’ve just run a disaster! There are several components to how an ad look, reacts and where it reaches. Understanding various factors of the Facebook Ads feature, we’ll talk about how to make FB ads that your target audience will respond to.

1.   Generate Audience Personas

Scrutinize every drop of information from your analytics and build personas for your audience. Social Media Personas help you reach deeper into the audience pool.  If you would like to read more about generating audience personas, click here.

2.  Use ‘You’ and similar phrases in your text

When you write text using the ‘you’ word often, it helps the audience relate better to the information you have been sharing in the ad. It’s a natural human response, that when you communicate with ‘you’, the audience perceives that the message is being said to them, as a reader.

3.  Include a CTA

There is just no over-stressing about the usage of Call to action statements in the message. It is a good idea to have your ad message have a CTA in it. It’s even better if the Facebook button has the CTA of your choice, which drives even more clicks or responses from the ad viewer.

4.  Test Various Versions of your Ad, All of it!

When making ads, there’s never a single version. Brands often make 2 or more versions and if you really want to score well, you could use all these versions to deliver the same message. A slight change in color schemes, text formations, or other factors – whatever version you have for the ad, use them. Assuming that you know your audience completely is a state of mind better avoided. It is probable that if you like the ‘A’ version, the ‘B’ version clicks with the audience more.

5.   Colour, Colour, Which Colour

Colours work far beyond creating an appealing image. There is a certain psychology to it, which you can use to your advantage. As per a study published in Management Decision”, colors can influence moods and feelings, positively as well as negatively.While older people appreciate Blue, purple and green, the younger generation is drawn more towards yellow, red and orange. Also, among all the colors, orange, purple, yellow and brown, in this exact hierarchy, are considered the most unappealing colors across age groups. It is also noteworthy that choosing a color does not guarantee attention if the product is not in line with the color theme.

6.   Use the golden word – “FREE”

Nothing rings a sweeter bell in the ears than the word ‘FREE’. Offer something for free, using the word ‘Free’ in your ad. Offer a free consultation, a service or something that appeases the buying gods!

7.   Make use of Geo-locations

If you are targeting audience that is specific to a location, use imagery of the location to draw more attention. So if you choose to target audience from Raipur, an interactive way of appealing to the audience of Raipur would be by using images of local places like the Ghadi chowk or the Marine Drive.

8.   Use genuine, less professional pictures

We have reached an era of genuineness and honesty, where just great quality pictures don’t do the magic. The tone of authenticity always builds a better connect with the audience.

Running FB ads is no rocket science. It just involves usage of simple logic that draws more attention and reaction from your audience type. To get the Facebook ads best suited for your business, get in touch with us at 07714904355.

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