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Dec 2017

Building Social Media Brand Persona

Imagine going on a date. You want to buy a gift but you aren’t really sure if they’d like chocolates, flowers or a gift rather. So you just pick something that fancies you and gifts it to them. Now if they like it, it’s a hit and you get what you want, but what if they don’t?

Now that’s a casual situation, but when you fit that in your branding scenario and provide solutions or services to an audience who is in no need or interest of what you offer, is it to make sense? For your success to come about, it is crucial to know who your client base is and what is it that they prefer. You cannot sell hand knitted woollens, even the prettiest ones, to someone who lives around the equator throughout the year. Knowing more about your audience is known for building their Social Media Persona.

Social Media Persona

Social Media permits brands and marketers to analyze the facets of their clients and customers. Their age, gender, locations, preferences, online activity timings, social media behaviour, and other big and small details are available through Social media analytics tools. It takes careful scrutiny and research to jot down a certain broad array of characteristics of clients that frequent your customer base.

Research may take time and a good load of effort, but once you have the persona of your client base built, your services and the customer experience go up a few notches.

What affects the building of a Social Media Persona?

Understanding these 3 things can help you build a better persona of your client base:

1. Why is your customer base engaging on social media?

Are they online to kill time, or to seek information? Are they online because they are your patrons or they are looking for offers and discounts? Or are they simply there to create some bit of a distress and unrest among your patrons to distract them from your base?

2. At what stage is the engaging audience with you?

The audience that is actively engaging with you on social media is usually in a certain customer lifecycle stage. It is crucial to identify if they are random users who found your post interesting, are they a prospective client, can they influence others to decide, or they are employees of the brand itself?

3. What kind of social media interaction do they have with the brand and it's handled?

The silent kind - the 90% of the audience, who come, view, and leave are the audience type that we all want to tap into. The next kind is the commenters, who comment and express their views, or drop reactions and likes to your content. The third kind is the sharing kinds who actively share the content that you have posted, and they are genuine, the least, even less than 1 % sometimes.


How these different factors come in to play, and what your typical client base looks like, is something you need to figure out from the mix and match of the factors above.

How does defining your client’s characteristics help you as a brand?

Getting back to the dating example, if you know exactly what your client likes, what makes them smile, what makes them upset – you get a better idea on what to bring on the table for them.  

The time and age when services or products was all that you had to work on, is long gone by. Today, brands need to work harder to make the customer make a purchase. From an appealing product to an appealing service, to an appealing social media interaction, there has to be a multi-faceted working model to help you tread the rocky paths of success. So, put your thinking caps on, and get ready for planning content and posts that are most suited to your client base.

Do your research and bring just the right things on the table. To get your social media personas built, get in touch with Flair Social, your own Digital Media Marketing Company in Raipur @ 07714904355.

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