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Dec 2017

Keeping Up With Digital Marketing In 2018

Every year, when you look back at the progress that digital media and social media has made through the year, it does get a bit overwhelming. If you look at trends in the beginning and by the end of the year, it almost feels like years and years of changes.  Just as you begin to adjust to the changes and feel, ‘well yeah, it couldn’t get better’, something changes and you wonder, ‘how were we even living without these changes before?’ With 2018 pacing towards our door, ready to unlock a lot of new changes, what more should you expect? Read about digital media trends expected to rock 2018.

1. Videos, Videos, and more videos

Can we ever stop raving about videos and their efficacy in reaching your client? We guess not! Videos are not a new invention but are definitely ‘trending’ and would continue to do so even in 2018. Even though LIVE videos are catching up, the plain of videos is none-the-less a celebrity.  Social media pundits believe that not all kind of content flies with a video format, but it helps to have a video link associated as an introduction, a conclusion, or strategically placed somewhere in the content.

Videos catch up really well with information on ‘how to’. It is a great way for the customer or viewer to build a connection with the protagonist in the video, helping brands gain more out of every moment that they stick around viewing their video.

2. Brands will invest more in Influencer Marketing

Catching up with lightning speed is the influencer platform of communication. Influencers are people with excellent connections with the audience of a specific niche. Influencer marketing involves having these influencers vouch for or promote your product.

The strategy per se has been gradually catching up since the past few years, but the trend has it that it shall only keep getting more effective. With the ever increase in the number of people who flock in to pursue this option, Brands have been showing equal, if not more interest in getting influencers to promote their brand in these channels.

3. More personalization, more transparency, and more genuineness

Day by day consumers want to see content that is less ‘staged’ or ‘fabricated’. A more natural and genuine portrayal of products is known to be well received. With people with realistic or even no makeup, talking about fitment of the brand or product in everyday life seems to be more appealing, unless humor has to be conveyed.

Consumers today need a more personalized, a more genuine and rustic feel to the content they see. The days of fabrication and ‘sugar coating’, even in the world of Digital Marketing, is not in vogue anymore. Ads, even though in Image format should be able to communicate a clear-cut agenda of how the brand's services or products fit into everyday life. This trend is expected to continue for a long time to come.

4. Twitter may see a downfall, while LinkedIn soars up high

Survival of the fittest is probably one of the best laws of nature every spelt out. Lagging behind when compared to its peers, Twitter has not seen a steady growth in its consumer base throughout 2017. The platform recently allowed 280 characters instead of the previous 140 characters, but the efficacy of the move is yet to be witnessed.  Twitter spent its year focusing on increasing its user base, without making keen changes in its advertising platforms, which makes marketers move to various platforms to get their marketing needs met.

On the contrary, LinkedIn has upped its advertising and marketing strategies, attracting more advertisers than it did in the previous years. It has been offering more opportunities to brands catering to B2B and B2C platforms.

This is pretty much the reason why it is believed that the Digital marketing trends of 2018 will have Linked To rising, while Twitter not as much.

5.  Your Mobile phones will do a lot more than it was initially intended to

Intended to be a humble device that helped you make phone calls, smart versions of handheld phones are a lot more than that in today’s times. With everything available at the click of a button, it was any moment that the entire marketing strategy would be directed towards appeasing phone formats.

With Live videos taking us in the heat of the moment, mobile viewing enables individuals to showcase events live – no cuts, no edits, and no falsification. The users seek the actual thrill of what is happening at the moment, the things that go right and the things that go wrong.

This trend is expected to go up by another 39% in the next 5 years if we were to go by a news report by Variety.com 

Have you observed any of the major changes happening in digital marketing techniques in the past one year? Which one of these trend predictions will be absolutely true? Do let us know in the comments. Keep up with digital marketing trends now and in the times to come with your Digital Marketing Saathi, Flair Social.

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