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Dec 2017

Things Your Business Should Know About Pay-Per-Click Advertising

 By Now if there’s one established Universal truth about Digital Marketing, it is that SEO is what takes you places. And the next established Universal Truth is that no one knows exactly which formula works. We may know how to be there, but there’s none who have constantly stayed on the top. In such a situation small businesses end up facing massive contests for the simple reason that the big shots have occupied the top listings in searches. So should their businesses suffer by never coming up on the first page of a search? The answer is NO. Small businesses have a tool named the PPC or the Pay Per Click method, which becomes their stick of support on the uphill trek.

What is PPC?

By definition, PPC or pay per click involves advertising on the search result page. Brands need to pay a certain fee to the search engine for every click they get from the search engine ad.

For example, your search for ‘Facebook’ in Google Search Bar. Of all the results, the first result will be of ‘www.Facebook.com’ and alongside its URL will be a small box with ‘AD’ written in it. So every time you ditch other search results, but click this ‘ad’ link, Facebook is entitled to pay Google for placing its ad on the top of the search results page.

As simple as that, this kind of advertisement is the Pay Per Click Ad. It may not be limited to search results or just search engines. Search engines, social media sites, and respective locations on these pages can be utilized and customized to play your brand’s ad.

It is crucial to realize that even though PPC can be a best friend for a brand’s business, a good SEO skeleton is a must anyhow.

Why Do Small Businesses Need To Focus On PPC Ads?

  • Cost Effective

Being a small business may keep you on your toes for managing your budgets. With Pay per click advertisements, you only pay for the clicks made, and not for the ads running in general. If compared to print advertisements or offline marketing methods, Pay par click services usually comes out to be more cost-effective.

  • Targeted and refined audience

PPC ads can also be targeted with the help of Geological locations, keywords, and other fine-tuning customizations, so only the specific section of the audience gets to see the ad. Also, if a customer has already reacted to the ad, you can choose to not show the ad to them again.

  • Results delivered Faster than your Pizzas

Everyone wants quick results and if running PPC ads, they are absolutely the best choice. With a real-time response to advertising, you get to know how well your PPC advertisement methods are working. Clicks and reactions begin flowing in from the moment you give your ad campaign a go.

  • Control in Customer Conversion

With a targeted reach, you can always have multiple landing pages to reach customers in different phases of the buying cycle. This gives you more control over conversion of your customers, depending on the keywords, geo-locations and other intrinsic factors of the ad.

  • Customer Faith

If a customer frequently searches for keywords from a certain niche, and the brand’s PPC ad is often the first to pop up, customers tend to believe the brand more.

 In a simple example if you search for “Washing Machine” and “Television sets” on Google search bar, and as a result an Amazon.com PPC ad is the first thing on the page, then you are more likely to trust Amazon to find most of the things you need in the certain niche or product range.

  • PPC ads and Search Engine Results Page (SERP) are independent of each other

If a brand’s PPC ad is on the top of the search results page and their SEO game is also on point, then it is quite possible that the brand gets more visibility in the keyword’s search result. Since PPC ads and SERP do not interfere with each other, the brand’s website gets more screen real estate as compared to other brands.


For instance, if your search ‘Facebook’ again in the Google search bar, The PPC ad, and the following 4-7 links will all belong to www.Facebook.com. Since SERP and PPC do not interfere with each other a search result for ‘Facebook’ yields links from the brand's site for almost the entire first page.

Have you tried the PPC ad feature yet? In case you need more help with the running of pay per click services in Raipur, get in touch with us at 07714904355.

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