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Dec 2017

CRM – What Does It Mean For Your Brand

Step into the world of Digital marketing and you get acquainted with a lot of abbreviations. Name them CRO, CRM, PPC and what not, but eventually, they all seem the same, and none the less confusing. Let’s take up this journey to know these terms better, one step at a time. For all we know, they are going to stick around with your business for a long time to come.  Say hello to Customer Relationship Management – or CRM.

Cut to digital marketing, the CRM is an important tool as it pays to touch base with who your customer is, who your potential customer is, and who can fit into either of these two overlapping sets.

CRM basically involves keeping a list of these details handy. It’s like an elaborate card holder that has all your client details fed into one. They make it easy for you to reach out to a certain information as and when need be. From contacting them, to supplying them latest updates of your product, to even analyzing your data – count on CRM for the info. Customers are a crucial step in several marketing efforts and keeping their information streamlined is one of the first things we need to do.

SO What does CRM Really do?

Customer Relationship Management majorly involves consolidating information about your customer. This information might consist of:

-              Customer demographics like location, age, gender, location, etc

-              Customer contact details like phone number, address, email ID, etc

-              Interactions that have occurred with the customer in the form of emails, SMS, Direct Messages or personal Messages over social media

-              Stages of customer interaction or involvement, whether a customer is a lead, a potential customer or has already made a transaction with the brand

-              Issues faced by the customer, if at all

-              Purchase history and buying preferences

-              Others

How does storing this data help Brands?

There are several ways in which a well-accounted CRM system can help brands:

-              Automation of Marketing Strategies

Do you see promotional emails from sites you logged in to, but never made a purchase from? Brands secure the information of visitors to the site, to then automate the methods of marketing. Brands send reminders, emailers, SMS, and other methods to help the customer build a recall value of the brand. These aim at coaxing the customer to come back to make the purchase and move from the status of a ‘lead’ to that of a ‘customer’.

-              Sales Automation

CRM maintains the entire dialogue between the customer and the sales team. This helps in preventing duplicate efforts by other teammates, or by the automation system itself.

-              Syncing with GPS

By syncing with GPS, the CRM software enables brands to create a more geologically refined sales or marketing campaign. So the product, if targeted towards a certain geological region, can be addressed with the help of CRM.

-              Automation of Contact Centre Manpower

By having some pre-recorded voice notes, the CRM can provide assistance to the customer depending on the choices they make (through an IVR) or by simply reaching a certain contact number. The idea is to cut down call volumes, and call sizes, thus saving on manpower and human efforts. Disseminating information and partial problem solving can be well attained by information from the CRM.

It might seem a bit complicated as to how or where to begin, but it helps to have a professional deal with the development and management of a CRM for your company. From full bloom businesses to humble start-ups, CRM is an essential key to attaining better numbers and innovating more useful strategies.

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