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Imagine meeting a potter. They go to all lengths possible to get their hands on the finest varieties of clay, as they have their mind all set for an excellent quality end product

How Chatbots Can Boost Your Facebook Page Engagements?

Earlier this year, Facebook rolled out the Messenger platform for businesses. It helped businesses connect real time with their audience without having to move to a different platform for interaction. It is believed that FB messenger has about 900 million ‘active’ users worldwide!! Not just registered ones, or one that has occasional

Making better FB Ads in 2018

Facebook is a platform that has grown by leaps and bounds. FB is not just a place to share updates about your life – it is also one of the most influential places for placing ads. The wide usage of the platform makes it the best place to fish for your target audience and present to them the best of what you have.

Placing ads is j

Building Social Media Brand Persona

Imagine going on a date. You want to buy a gift but you aren’t really sure if they’d like chocolates, flowers or a gift rather. So you just pick something that fancies you and gifts it to them. Now if they like it, it’s a hit and you get what you want, but what if they don’t?

Now that’s a casual situation,

Keeping Up With Digital Marketing In 2018

Every year, when you look back at the progress that digital media and social media has made through the year, it does get a bit overwhelming. If you look at trends in the beginning and by the end of the year, it almost feels like years and years of changes.  Just as you begin to adjust to the changes and feel, ‘well yeah, it couldn&rs

Things Your Business Should Know About Pay-Per-Click Advertising

 By Now if there’s one established Universal truth about Digital Marketing, it is that SEO is what takes you places. And the next established Universal Truth is that no one knows exactly which formula works. We may know how to be there, but there’s none who have constantly stayed on the top. In such a situation small businesses

CRM – What Does It Mean For Your Brand

Step into the world of Digital marketing and you get acquainted with a lot of abbreviations. Name them CRO, CRM, PPC and what not, but eventually, they all seem the same, and none the less confusing. Let’s take up this journey to know these terms better, one step at a time. For all we know, they are going to stick around with your business